Lunch Box ideas from India

Lunch Box Ideas

Having recently visited India where we brought our 11-year-old, we were delighted that he was willing to try so many local foods during our travels. Indian restaurants do a great job of creating food for kids that is both interesting, complex yet without the sometimes overwhelming spice heat that we have come to associate with Indian curries.

When we returned home I was reinspired to break up the monotony of our lunches and since both my son and I carry lunch each day, I was on the hunt for some interesting lunch ideas that would bring back memories of foods we tasted on our adventure abroad. … Read the rest >>

Our Top 5 Lunch Idea Blogs


Picture courtesy of Cool Mom Picks

1. 2 Weeks of Gluten-Free Lunches from Cool Mom Picks

Perfect for anyone with kid’s who have gluten-allergies or for any moms and dads wanting to pack a healthy lunch. Cool Mom Picks has some wonderful ideas and beautiful pictures that will have you liking your lips.

2. 25 Healthy Back to School Lunch Ideas from Hip Foodie Mom

Hip Foodie Mom nails the healthy eating while still packing a lunch your kids will actually eat!… Read the rest >>

Back to School Must Haves

family focus blog rocket lunch bag lunchbag dabbawalla

back to school must haves dabbawalla rocket lunch bag

Family Focus Blog made a Must Haves list recently and guess who topped the list at number 2? Our Out of This World Lunch Bag!

The blog also highlighted the bag’s best qualities by mentioning that our bags are BPA free and insluated and easy on the eyes. Read their review below.… Read the rest >>

Lunch Essentials Recommendations


In case you needed another reason to purchase a Dabbawalla Lunch Bag, Vegging at the Shore makes a pretty good argument in their newest blog post about Lunch Essentials.

“I’m so happy that I discovered these lunch bags on a friend’s recommendation.  Besides being adorable, they are machine washable.  I don’t know about your kids, but my kids spill and drop crumbs on everything.  

Read the rest >>