Stay Green While Eating Al Fresco – Eco-Friendly Picnic Products

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With summer in full swing, going outside and enjoying Mother Nature with friends or family is at the top of everyone’s to-do list. Planning a fun picnic is a favorite past-time when the weather is nice, but this popular activity can potentially have a big impact on the environment if you’re not careful. Instead of drinking out of disposable cups, using plastic ware or accidentally leaving behind trash (no one wants to be a litter bug), think about ways you can be more eco-friendly the next time you eat outdoors.… Read the rest >>

Add Fun to their Lunch with Dabbawalla Bags

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dabbawalla lunch bag reviewNo one every said that your kid’s lunch bag had to be boring, or a paper sack. Instead, they can take a fun eco-friendly lunch bag that helps express their style and one they won’t outgrow quickly. Goonie was sent a Monster Geek Lunch Bag to take with him on the go and to carry snacks and meals with him everywhere.… Read the rest >>

Chew on this: healthy snacks + Dabbawalla Bags {Giveaway!}

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Raise Your Garden gave us a raving review of our Ladybug Lunch Bag. Read her review, check out her list of Guilt-Free Snacks, and enter to win!

The blog highlighted the bag’s best qualities by mentioning that our bags are BPA free, insulated, and machine-washable. Read their review below.

“I’m smitten with the Dabbawalla Lunch Bag.”

You can read the full blog post here – and don’t forget to enter to win!… Read the rest >>

Lunch Essentials Recommendations


In case you needed another reason to purchase a Dabbawalla Lunch Bag, Vegging at the Shore makes a pretty good argument in their newest blog post about Lunch Essentials.

“I’m so happy that I discovered these lunch bags on a friend’s recommendation.  Besides being adorable, they are machine washable.  I don’t know about your kids, but my kids spill and drop crumbs on everything.  

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Lunch Purse Review



The Dabbawalla Lunch Purse is a twist on modern lunch bags. A combination of a purse and lunch bag, this bag is the stylish lunch tote for any blissful gal. Speaking of blissful gals, a blog recently review our bag and had some great things to say!

Since I am now back at home and commuting to school for summer classes, I am gone all day.  

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